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I’ve been serving on the board as VP Recognition for IABC/Atlanta for almost a decade. My role is to coordinate and run the annual awards program that recognizes the finest of communication in Atlanta. I’ve stayed with the group for so long because I believe in the cause. I believe you cannot have any successful outcome, professionally or personally, without great communication. And, great communicators deserve to be honored.

You can find me, each year, hosting the Golden Flames Awards in Atlanta.



In recent years, I’ve found a true passion in working with local businesses that I believe in and want to help prosper. After spending time in the brewing space, I’ve adopted the North Georgia brewing community as my own (and have almost been accepted!), offering my marketing support to owners who want and welcome advice.

I have taken on the Viking Alchemist Meadery as my local cause. Helping them clarify their brand and develop a marketing plan that leverages their unique personality.

Today, I manage their marketing and write their social media. My humor and personality is on full display in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

I encourage every professional to adopt a small business that would truly benefit from your skills and could never afford it. We want our local communities to thrive, and you could have a direct, dramatic impact.



Brewing beer seemed like a lot of fun! I have concluded, that I enjoy the naming the most… Ever a marketer. But, some friends and I have successfully made beer! It’s good, sometimes really good, and always a lot of fun. And, of course we needed a name and theme.

And that’s how Mad Dad Brewing came to life!

A creative outlet, a bit of fun and a shareable output. Plus, just another place for me to enjoy writing to myself. If you all get a laugh, all the better!

mad dad circle.png
The first beers we finished…. “Over My Dead Body” | “You’ll Get Nothing and Like It” | “Not in My House”

The first beers we finished….
“Over My Dead Body” | “You’ll Get Nothing and Like It” | “Not in My House”