Eric Berrios

Creator &



I believe in a pragmatic approach to client solutions, striking a balance of aspiration and practicality. When approaching a challenge or opportunity, I deliver solutions that have longevity and appropriateness that lead to long-term client satisfaction. It’s not enough to deliver startlingly good creative – it needs to move the business objective.

My role is to uncover what we are really solving for, articulate a path for success and present a solution that has clients nodding their heads, ready to move forward.

I’ve been doing brand work long enough to know that clients, creatives and the market can lose sight of the original goals and the success metrics. I’m a simple solution. I come at the challenge with a fresh, seasoned perspective able to see angles that the team often misses.


It’s likely you won’t keep a full-time strategist busy all the time. And every time a strategy professional is doing something different, you aren’t getting the best value of their time. That’s where I plug in. When you add me to your team, you can immediately deepen your bench strength, be more competitive and increase your bandwidth without taking on long-term expense and overhead.

By keeping my role very narrow, there’s no waste. You’re team does what they are exceptional at and I do what I’m exceptional at. By staying in those lanes, the client gets so much more than they expected.

Most of my time, these days, is spent creating messaging, brand architecture and the written strategy behind brand, product and services identity. In short, I work on the first dozen pages of a brand guide. I develop the strategy behind a campaign. Or I help clarify and focus a client who is scattered and unfocused.

I am able to come in, quickly assess a situation and present actionable solutions.

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Set strategic direction and performance indicators

Craft client rebrands

Discovery meetings

Big ideas


Strategic and tactical concepts

Unexpected ideas

Headlines, lead lines and catchphrases



Brand platforms

Positioning and vision

Purpose-based messaging

Key message points


Planning and approach

Media mixing

Influencer marketing

Short-form and long-form writing