Eric Berrios

I help brands
uncover truth.
that every
brand could use
a bit more of.


My Story

I was the strategic planner at Realm for 15 years, and had adopted the role as head of client services, focused on the overall client experience. In that time, I drove agency growth by deepening the client offering as well as creating success pathways for clients that increased our overall value.

When I joined Realm, I took over Strategic Planning for business-to-business clients like Novelis, SunTrust, the Georgia Ports Authority and others. Over the past decade, I have been deeply immersed in business-to-business marketing working in channels like logistics, finance, manufacturing and professional services.

Before moving to Atlanta, I had spent the first 10 years of my career with Erin/Edwards, New York. Under my leadership, the agency brought clients like 1-800-Flowers, Merck & Co., Olsten Health Services and others to the web for the first time. At the end of my time with Erin/Edwards, I was serving as Vice President of Interactive.

The next six years in New York were spent converting Long Island’s largest ad firm, Harrison Leifer DiMarco, into an integrated agency. Once again serving as Vice President of Interactive, I also carried a second role as Vice President of Operations. Over time, I developed a new suite of services and delivery methods for clients like Fougera, Novartis and Eon Labs, among others.

Today, I’m a hired gun consultant to clients and agencies alike, helping them refine or develop their marketing strategies. My role is narrow and impactful. I am able to bring a unique set of skills, on an as-needed basis, that most agencies need only occasionally.

Eric Berrios at IABC Atlanta

How I Help You

This isn’t an hourly gig.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that real value is not gauged in the hours spent. It’s about the impact you have on the challenge or opportunity. My goal is for every client I work with to feel like they are getting huge bargain, seeing value and want to keep deepening our relationship.  

My role falls into two different categories, depending on what you need. Many partners will end up using both, ramping up their services when they need them, and scaling back when they don’t. That’s the basis of the “Lease-a-Piece” concept and why it works for smaller agencies.

Monthly Retainer

  • Pitching and Project Approaches

  • Client Consultation

  • Strategic Recommendations

  • Perspective and Fresh Ideas

  • Client Meetings/Wrangling

I have set a limit on retainer relationships with a cap of 5 small agencies. By design, I will not manage more than that, grow any bigger or outsource my skills. I will keep this page updated with availability, and email my list when a position becomes open.


  • Brand Platforms

  • Messaging

  • The Big Idea

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Creative Problem Solving

These situations aren’t unique. There are solutions for every challenge and opportunity your team has been presented with, but sometimes it’s hard to see it from the inside. Getting an outside viewpoint, from someone who has no vested interest except solving the challenge, gives you the edge you very much need.